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Delicious Meals

Delicious Meals

At the end of a long day, it can feel like ordering in or whipping up a frozen dinner is the easiest option. But that convenience food can be filled with additives, salt, sugar and unhealthy fat — all of which can take a toll on your body and mood. Instead, a few simple changes to your kitchen can help you create satisfying and healthy meals at home.

Cooking is a great way to get the family involved in meal prep and encourage healthy eating habits. In addition to being more cost effective, cooking at home can also provide you with a better selection of nutritious options than restaurants or packaged meals.

A few simple changes to your kitchen can help you cook a more flavorful, healthier meal than just popping a frozen pizza in the oven. Start by replacing your store-bought sauce with a homemade version, and add herbs and spices for an added boost of flavor. Try to include fresh vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains in your meals, and limit sugary treats.

With a little planning, most meals can be prepared in under 30 minutes. Stock your pantry and refrigerator with the essentials, then make a list of quick weeknight suppers that you can prepare with those items. This will keep you from the “there’s nothing in the fridge so let’s order pizza” moment and can be a game changer for busy families.

For a fast and filling dinner, try a breakfast-for-dinner dish, such as this asparagus frittata. This quick and easy meal will have the entire family feeling satisfied in no time.

If you love burgers, you can still maintain a healthy lifestyle by swapping the bun for an avocado. This easy avocado burger is not only gluten-free and dairy-free, but it’s also low in calories and packed with nutrients.

For a more substantial and delicious meal, try ground beef stuffed peppers. This meal comes together quickly and is freezer-friendly, too.

A hearty slow cooker chili is the perfect meal to make when the weather turns cold. It’s also a great option to have on hand during the holidays.

Another hearty and comforting meal is this savoury chicken stroganoff. This recipe is loaded with flavour and comes in a single pot for the simplest cleanup.

If you’re in the mood for seafood, this scallop recipe is sure to please. This meal comes together in under 20 minutes, and can be made ahead for easy weeknight dinners.

If you’re pressed for time, try this one-pot recipe. It’s packed with meat, veggies and spices for a full and flavourful meal. Plus, it’s a great option to have on hand for busy weeknights!