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Dollar Tree Garden Supplies

dollar tree garden supplies

Whether you’re a dollar tree garden supplies or simply looking for cheap gardening supplies, you can find just about everything you need at your local dollar store. From potting soil to seed packets, there’s no reason to pay full price at the grocery store or hardware store when you can get all the same supplies for less.

Seeds – The Dollar Tree has a nice selection of seeds in multiple varieties and colors. They are four for $1, which is much cheaper than what you will find at other stores.

Garden Gloves – A pair of gloves will make weeding and planting less of a chore, especially for those with sore hands. The dollar store carries a variety of colors and styles of inexpensive gardening gloves.

From Seed to Vine: A Guide to Starting Cucumber Seeds Indoors for Healthy Transplants

Fertilizer Spikes – These handy fertilizer spikes help give your plants the extra boost they need to thrive. You can even use them for your houseplants!

Plant Stakes – For those with limited space for a garden, you can create a trellis for your climbing plants using items from the dollar store. For instance, zip ties can be used to connect bamboo stakes in a grid pattern; this will support your plants so that they don’t get weighed down by their own growth and become top heavy.

There are plenty of other things you can score at the dollar store to make gardening fun and easy — from river rocks to popsicle sticks that can be used as welcome signs for your fairy garden. With a little creativity, you can put together an organizer that will keep all your tools and supplies easily accessible in one spot.

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