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We might have to relocate

Je Suis Building Bridge 2

On January 24, the San Anselmo Town Council voted to move forward with a CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) Study on a proposed flood mitigation plan put forward from the County of Marin Flood Zone 9 staff. 

This plan includes various facets of flood prevention/mitigation including introducing a detention basin at the old Sunnyside Nursery growing grounds.  However, there is also a step in this plan that includes removal of 634/636 San Anselmo Ave (the building in which you are sitting / formerly referred to in the County plans as “Building Bridge 2”). 

On September 19, the Marin County Supervisors entered into an option to purchase the building from the owner so that it can be torn down in the event that the environmental impact study passes.  This building houses L’Appart Resto, Coldwell Banker, San Anselmo Optometry and The Ranch hair salon and if the CEQA study passes and this plan moves forward we will all be forced to relocate. 

At the same meeting on January 24, the San Anselmo economic development committee presented the results of their 2016 consumer survey which concluded that what local residents want in their downtown community is more restaurants/bars, patio/outdoor dining and family and pet friendly options. L’Appart Resto is one of the few already existing options providing all of those things to the community for over 7 years in a location that had previously struggled.  The restaurant is locally owned and owner operated and is very involved in the local community bringing not only great food, wine and a lively atmosphere to town, but consumers from surrounding areas as far as SF, local jobs and tax dollars. 

We urge our customers and fellow residents and merchants to become informed on these plans, attend town council meetings and read the published reports, and join us in asking our County  leaders to do the right thing collectively for the town of San Anselmo and its loyal community.  If this plan moves forward showing your support and desire to have us remain local is key to our relocation. 

To show how much you love our restaurant, please share your experience on the social media using  #lappartresto #jesuisbuildingbridge2, sign our online petition using the link below or ask your server for our onsite petition to sign.  We are also collecting letters of support from the community – please send your letter to us here at the restaurant and we will present them all to the County en masse if and when it comes time to discuss relocating.

if you have any questions, feel free to email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Kid Menu and Yes Foundation

Kids Menu


Mini-Hamburger au Morbier, Mini Kobe burger with (or without) Morbier cheese

served with Kennebec house-cut fries or vegetables - 9


Mac and Cheese - 6


Nuggets de Poisson, White fish nuggets served with Kennebec house-cut fries or vegetables - 7


Travers de Porc, Baby pork ribs with house made BBQ sauce served with Kennebec house-cut fries - 9


Every last wednesday of the month

we give 10% of the proceeds to 

Yes, The Ross Valley School Fundation


Dégustations de Vins

Point Reyes Vineyard

Tuesday September 11th, 

Wines TBD






Tuesday September 25th

Wines TBD