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Tattoo Shop Dallas TX

Tattoo Shop Dallas TX is a place with an array of talented artists that will turn your tattoo idea into reality. Whether you are looking for bold colors, black and grey, or even a cover up, these shops will get the job done.

How expensive are most tattoos?

Located on the border of Downtown and Deep Ellum in the historic 7up Lofts, Dallas Tattoo & Arts Company is one of the most unique Tattoo Shops in Texas. The studio is home to some of the best artists in the world and specializes in custom designs that are unique to the customer. Some of their artists specialize in American traditional, neo-traditional, lettering, and even Japanese work.

Rebel Muse is another shop in the area that boasts a variety of talent from their team of award-winning artists. This studio is a perfect combination of vintage and cozy with an amazing staff that caters to their clients needs. Artists like Liz Cook, David Mushaney, and Tray Bale are some of the most popular at this studio.

Other artists at this shop include Little Linda, who is a veteran in the industry and has a very delicate approach to her art. Then there is Jason Call, who focuses on geometric tattoos and has a very clean style to his art.

If you want to see more of the work at Pristine Ink, check out their Instagram @pristineinktattoo. This tattoo parlor is known for their sterile and sanitary environment as well as their commitment to a friendly, welcoming environment.

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