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Guitar Pedal Types

guitar pedal types you use will have a huge impact on your tone. From the sounds of legendary guitarists like Jimi Hendrix to more modern effects, a well-assembled collection will enable you to create your own signature sound. The type and order of pedals you assemble into your signal chain is just as important as the kind of guitar itself or even the amplifier you use.

Exploring the Sonic Spectrum: An Overview of Guitar Pedal Types

Gain-based pedals like overdrive and fuzz increase the intensity of your signal, adding harmonic overtones as well as squeezing the peaks and troughs so they clip. They can be used for a variety of musical styles, but are particularly popular in heavier genres like metal and hard rock.

Effects like chorus and phaser add a shimmery texture to your sound by duplicating your signal and modulating its pitch. A pedal like the Boss CE-2W is known for its clean, lush chorus, while a flanger pedal such as the Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress manipulates phase relationships to produce sweeping, jet-plane-like oscillations.

Pitch-shifters like the Digitech Whammy DT let you change your guitar’s tone by changing its pitch, either up or down. Octave pedals such as the T-Rex Quint Machine double your note an octave above or below, making them ideal for creating thick, full sounds. Other pedals like tremolo and vibrato mute your entire signal and move it back and forth in pitch to create a waving, pulsing effect.

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