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Plate Loaded Equipment UK

If you want to replicate the feeling of free weights in a machine but don’t have the space for a rack then you may be interested in our range of plate loaded equipment. These machines are commonly found in commercial gyms and PT studios and work on multiple muscle groups simultaneously to create a full body workout, making them ideal for any fitness facility.Go here

Plate load equipment uses bumper plates on a loadable weight pole to create resistance for exercise. These are a step up from stack machines that have built in weights selected by a pin and allow you to customise the amount of weight you use. However, this does mean that changing the weight on a plate load machine takes longer as you need to add or remove plates manually rather than just moving a pin on a stack machine.

Investing in Quality: How to Choose the Best Plate Loaded Equipment for Your Gym

Another big advantage of plate load equipment is that you can change the resistance of a movement in real time whereas selectorized machines are pre-set to have a maximum weight limit. This can lead to users pushing themselves too hard and risking injury as well as potential damage to the equipment.

Our selection of Plate Loaded Equipment includes everything from a basic Trap Shrugged or Grappler to the more advanced Smith Machine and Unilateral Converging Incline Chest Press. All of our machines have been designed to provide a solid and effective workout with minimal maintenance required. We also have a range of fully welded and revolving plate loaded machines from leading brands including Exigo.

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